Here We Grow Again

That’s right. As you may have guessed by the title of this blog- our family is growing by 2 feet! Although we certainly didn’t expect this newest addition, we are excited to welcome Audrey in to our family. We are now proud parents of 5.

 This picture was taken in 2014 when we first met her. She was a friend of our nearly adopted daughter Boston who also entered foster care in the Spring of that year. Unfortunately, her journey has not been as smooth as our childrens’. Her resilient spirit shines though her though,  and her positive attitude is extremely refreshing. 

Earlier this summer I got a message on Facebook. “This is Audrey. Can you call me? It is pretty important.” Obviously, I called right away. I could hear her nerves on the line as she explained that she may, through no fault of her own, be needing to leave her current foster home.  Her voice was shaking and I definitely felt the vulnerability of a child uncertain of her future as she spoke. I told her that we’d think about it,  but that whatever the outcome we were always there.  

I called Jerry and asked him to start thinking and praying. I told my mom and she did the same. My heart was heavy as I imagined myself as this 15 year old girl reaching out for a family. We agreed that we would continue to pray, and invited her to Splash Country. 

Me vs 6 kids at a theme park. 

This is the crew minus baby Aspen  and with the addition of my neice and nephew.

That weekend went great. So,  we invited her for another, and another, and ANOTHER. The whole time I’m just praying and basically asking God to give me a hard “No.” Okay. I would have taken a soft “No.” You got me. I would have taken a, “Meh.” That is not what I got. I got a message at church about stretching the boundaries of your ministry, and more importantly, I got a big dose of peace from the Holy Spirit. 

The few folks that I’ve told have met me with stunned silence. I get it. 5 kids is a lot. 4 kids who have endured trauma… I know. 2 teenage girls… I KNOW! I hear you but right now what I need is less judgement and more prayer. Let’s not forget that the will of God won’t lead you where the grace of God can’t keep you. 

I appreciate your love and support. 


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